How to Prevent Basement Flooding in Your HomeThanks to the Indianapolis area’s heavy spring and early summer rains, basement flooding is a fairly common occurrence in our area. With a few basic preventive measures, however, you can protect your basement from flooding and the damage it causes.

Make Your Basement Rain-proof

At the end of winter, clean the leaves and other debris out of your gutters. You need clean gutters to effectively direct runoff from the roof. The downspouts should extend at least 3 feet and ideally up to 10 feet away from your house to prevent water from collecting near the foundation. Corrugated plastic pipe is an easy way to extend your downspouts.

Inspect your foundation for cracks. Even a tiny crack can let in enough water to cause basement flooding. Cracks of less than 1/4 inch can be sealed with epoxy or vinyl concrete patcher. Cracks larger than this should be handled by a professional.

Exterior stairs leading to the basement should have drains at the bottom. Keep these drains clear. Window wells below ground level should be protected with sloping covers to keep the rain out.

The ground around your foundation should slope away from the house at a rate of 2 inches per foot. If it doesn’t, re-grade the ground. You can simply shovel more soil where needed, but keep the soil away from your siding.

Keep Your Sump Pump in Shape

Storm debris lodged in your sump pump can prevent it from running. Every few months, and after rainstorms, clear mud, leaves, and other debris out of your sump pump. Test the pump by pouring in a bucket of water or just by lifting up the float. It should start up, drain the water, and shut off again. If it doesn’t turn on, it may have a stuck float or worn out float switch.

Consider having a battery backup sump pump or a generator installed to keep your basement safe in case a storm knocks out the electricity.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “John T Takai/Shutterstock”