Balancing Humidity in Your Brownsburg Home Can Pay OffIf your Brownsburg area home lacks balanced humidity, you may run the risk of potential health issues for household members, damages to your interior possessions and building materials, and an overall uncomfortable feeling within your home. Balancing humidity is necessary for keeping the home both comfortable and healthy.

What Is an Ideal Humidity Level?

Relative humidity describes the amount of moisture the air contains at a given temperature. If you suspect your house has too much or too little humidity during specific seasons, you can use an inexpensive hygrometer to measure your exact humidity levels. For optimal comfort and protection against mildew, mold and other problems associated with high indoor humidity, you want a humidity balance between 30 and 50 percent.

How Is Balancing Humidity Achieved?

You have several options for balancing humidity in your home. For homeowners with high indoor humidity, consider the purchase of a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture and is especially convenient during our muggy Midwestern summers. If you tend to experience high humidity in certain rooms only, such as a finished basement or bathroom, individual room dehumidifiers are a great option. However, if you think your whole house could benefit from a reduction in humidity, consider a whole-house dehumidifier. These units, usually attached right to your HVAC system, can effectively remove humidity from every space in your house.

During the colder months, when drier air prevails, creating a balanced humidity in your Indianapolis home might require adding humidity. Humidifiers are an excellent tool for adding moisture to indoor environments. An increase in moisture can relieve that dry feeling and lower the incidence of flu-like symptoms in family members, such as irritated throats and sore nasal passages. Humidifiers also can be purchased as a portable, individual unit or as a whole-house system.

Before making the purchase of either a dehumidifier or humidifier, consult with a reliable HVAC technician. A professional can test whether your issues are the result of poor humidity balance, or if they’re due to inadequate ventilation, air leaks in your home’s envelope, ground water seepage or plumbing leaks. All of these issues can be addressed and corrected.

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