Back-to-School Tips for Your Home's HVAC SystemYou can’t go into a store or turn on a TV without hearing it’s time to go back to school. That means fall is around the corner, and it’s time to get your HVAC system ready for cooler weather.

Have You Changed Your Air Filter Recently?

One HVAC maintenance area you should address at least every three months is your air filter. When an air filter gets dirty, it isn’t able to catch the particles of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other particles in your air. This causes two problems:

  1. You get a decrease in indoor air quality, so any allergies or breathing problems your family may have are made worse.
  2. The particles can build up on different components in your system, causing wear and tear.

Since a filter shouldn’t go more than 90 days, you should at least change yours at the start of every new season. If your family has pets, smokers, or are just prone to allergies, consider changing your filter every month.

Is Your Outdoor Unit Free of Blockages?

Not only do plants grow up around your outdoor unit during the summer, but grass clippings can blow against it and block air flow. As autumn hits, leaves start to fall and add to the mess. When your unit can’t get good airflow, it works less efficiently. Make sure to clear the area around the unit at the beginning of fall, then check back periodically to remove any additional leaves that might build up.

Have You Scheduled a Fall Maintenance Appointment?

When cold weather hits, you don’t want to turn on your heater only to find that it does not work. Getting it checked ahead of time saves you that worry. During a maintenance call, the technician inspects your heat exchanger to be sure it’s working correctly and has no cracks. If you have an oil or gas furnace, those connections are inspected, and all electrical connections are checked and tightened as needed.

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