A plumbing checkup is a good idea in any season. But, it’s especially timely as winter approaches. When cold weather arrives, certain stresses on your plumbing increase considerably. Because most plumbing in a house is difficult to access and not frequently examined by homeowners, a plumbing checkup by a qualified professional is preferable to fully evaluate all components and take necessary preventive action to avoid failures this winter.

Here are some season-specific reasons to schedule a plumbing checkup:

Frozen pipes.

In winter conditions, water supply lines may freeze and rupture, inflicting expensive water damage to a house. A plumbing inspection includes identifying exposed supply lines that need to be insulated to prevent freezing. Also, any gaps or other openings in the structure that allow cold outdoor air to contact plumbing must be sealed. If certain pipes freeze repeatedly, rerouting those pipes into the inner, conditioned zone of the house should be considered.

Water heater problems.

Water from the municipal supply may be much colder in winter than other times of the year. That means your water heater has to run longer cycles to reach the temperature setting. In an aging heater, the stresses of long cycles may trigger tank leakage or other issues. Flushing sediment from the tank is a standard preventive measure for a plumber, along with a thorough inspection to evaluate condition of the tank and other heater components.

Emergency measures.

If a ruptured pipe occurs due to freezing, it’s critical to shut off the main water valve to the house to prevent catastrophic water damage. Often, however, a valve that hasn’t been operated in some time may be stuck open or at least extremely difficult to turn in a plumbing emergency. A plumber can verify operation of your valve and if necessary repair or replace it to ensure proper function when it’s needed most. He can also show you the location of the valve if you don’t already know, plus demonstrate how to operate it.

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