Avoid Drain ProblemsThere are a number of items and substances that just shouldn’t go down the drain. Some of these things can clog your drains, necessitating a call from the plumber. Others just do not belong in municipal water supplies or in our waterways, where they may harm wildlife. It’s a good idea to always practice drain safety by properly disposing of the things listed below.

Oils and grease

Most of us know that grease or oils, even in small amounts, should never go down the drain. The reason is they coagulate and form clogs, trapping other substances on their way to the sewer lines. It doesn’t matter if they’re warm and liquid when they go down; they will cool and clog. Warm water won’t help them along. So dispose of your oils and grease either in the garbage, or, if your underground aquifer is not at risk, in small amounts in the ground. Better yet, take them to a recycling facility where waste oils and grease may be converted to other uses.


The only paper that should go down your toilet is toilet tissue. Never dispose of wrapping paper, newsprint, printer paper or any other kind, as it will adhere to the sides of the pipes and cause a clog that will not dissolve quickly. Recycle paper whenever possible.


Don’t pour anything down the toilet or sink drain that you wouldn’t want to drink, as it can and does end up back in municipal water supplies. Dispose of toxic chemicals such as solvents and pesticides according to your municipality’s laws. When poured down the drain, these chemicals may also end up in our lakes and rivers, harming fish and other wildlife.


Don’t flush out-of-date medications down the toilet. They can also be harmful when released into our water supplies. Throw them away in the trash.

Feminine products

Don’t flush sanitary napkins or tampons down the toilet. They will absorb water and expand, clogging the drain.

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