Allergy-Proof Your Indiana Home With a Room-by-Room PlanIt’s important to allergy-proof the home to improve indoor air quality. Dust, mold, mildew and other allergens easily aggravate allergies, resulting in much discomfort. No matter what type of allergies you have, it’s still necessary to keep indoor air as clean as possible in terms of overall health. Learn what measures you can take to allergy-proof the home on a room-by-room basis:

  • Bedroom: Dust mites find havens in bedding, so wash sheets, blankets and comforters weekly in water heated to 130 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid dust buildup. You may also want to consider investing in dust mite-proof covers for mattresses, box springs and pillows. If you have carpeting, switch to hardwood flooring, and use only washable curtains and drapes. Close windows when pollen count is high, and avoid upholstered furniture whenever possible.
  • Kitchen: Keep the kitchen sink and faucet clean to avoid mold buildup, and wash dishes daily for the same reason. Avoid allowing excess moisture to build up in your refrigerator, as mold will flourish. Keep cabinets and counters clean with a detergent or white vinegar and water solution. White vinegar is especially effective at killing mold and mildew. Ensure the exhaust fan vents outside.
  • Bathroom: As with the kitchen, it’s essential to have a properly functioning exhaust fan in your bathroom. Wipe up your shower/tub after every use to avoid mold buildup, and keep the sink and toilet clean to prevent mold from forming. Replace moldy shower curtains and bathtub mats as needed.
  • Living Room: Avoid carpeting and upholstered furniture in this room in favor of wooden versions. Keep windows closed and the forced-air system on to avoid excess pollen from coming into the home. Clear windows of any condensation, which will cause mold formation. If you have pets, consider allowing them to stay outside if the weather permits, which prevents dander and fur/hair from accumulating in the home. If they’re indoor critters, brush them regularly and do it outside.

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