IAQ concernsA half century ago, we didn’t think much about the quality of a home’s air. Everyone just threw open the windows to freshen the air and life was good. These days, with central HVAC systems and modern home construction, a house’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can get stale in a hurry.

Many things contribute to IAQ concerns. Take new flooring, for instance. Depending on the type you choose and how it’s installed, it can have a dramatic impact on your IAQ. Here’s some information about IAQ concerns with various types of flooring.


Hardwood isn’t much of an IAQ concern when it comes to pollutants, as it does not off gas chemicals. The only concern might be the solutions you use to clean it and make it shine. Go natural, whenever possible.


A durable material that cleans easily, resists scratches and doesn’t absorb pollutants such as pet dander and dust mites, vinyl is only of concern during installation if off-gassing solvents are used.


Tile is a type of durable flooring that is so easy to clean you don’t need harsh chemical cleaners laden with VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Grout between tiles does not have off-gassing issues.


Manufactured to look like hardwood, laminates are easy to clean but the cutting process to install laminates can release VOCs. Some laminates give off formaldehyde.


Carpet, an always popular option because of its warmth and the variety of colors and styles available, may have the most IAQ concerns among flooring options. Some carpeting gives off VOCs. Always do your research before you choose. Also, carpet can harbor moisture, creating a perfect environment for dust mites and mold, fungus and mildew to flourish. It can also collect pet dander, dust and other pollutants that get stirred up when you vacuum. Vacuuming and steam cleaning won’t get rid of all the pollutants.

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