Air Purification Tools: The Salt LampIn recent years, salt lamps have been gaining popularity across the country. Not only are they a trendy interior design element, but they’re also touted as natural air purifiers that can help alleviate respiratory, mood and sleep problems. Learning more about what salt lamps are and how they work can help you decide if they’re just the latest decor fad or an effective air purification tool that can benefit your home.

What are Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are pure salt crystals lighted by small bulb or heating element. Some lamps feature a single large crystal set on a metal or wood base, while others consist of a decorative metal or glass container filled with crystal chunks. There are also miniature versions used as night lights. The crystals are Himalayan pink salt mined in Pakistan. When lit, a salt lamp gives off a soothing warm glow that helps create a relaxing ambience.

How Salt Lamps Function as Air Purifiers

While salt lamps are attractive additions to a home’s decor, it’s also purported that they can clean the air in two ways:

  • Negative ionization. Salt lamps are said to be portable, natural negative ion generators. The premise is that as salt is heated, it releases negative ions, which then attach to positively-charged airborne contaminants and allergens and pull them out of the air.
  • Hygroscopic filtration. Salt crystals are naturally hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water molecules from the air, and the warmth produced by a salt lamp’s bulb helps water evaporate faster. It’s claimed that salt lamps are natural air cleaners because pollutants or allergens carried by evaporating water molecules are deposited on the lamp’s surface.

Effective Methods of Air Purification

It’s important to know that no major studies have been done to verify the claims that salt lamps really work as air cleaners. If you want to boost your home’s indoor air quality, there are proven technologies available, such as whole-house air cleaner units that can be added to your HVAC system.

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