Winter Doesn't Give Air Filters A Rest: Regularly Changing Them Improves 3 FactorsThink your air filter takes the winter off? Nope. It doesn’t. And neglecting to replace air filters can lead to poor indoor air quality in your Indianapolis area home this winter. Given that winter is often when you spend the most hours indoors, your home’s air quality can suffer as stale or unpleasant odors linger, and dust and other contaminants are circulate through your indoor air.

Additionally, if you use a fireplace, it releases microscopic particles into the air, and you’ll even have debris and odors in the air from rain or snow boots that sit dripping on wet carpet or wet pets who run through your home after being outside.

Therefore, it’s important to change your air filters monthly. Here are the top three factors that will improve when you do:

  1. The useful life of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment: Clogged filters restrict airflow to your heating system. This strains your furnace’s fan motor, which may cause it to burn out. In turn., this causes your heating equipment to overheat and potentially break down. Changing filters regularly will keep the inner components clean, so the furnace works efficiently and lasts longer.
  2. Energy use and your budget: Dirty filters make the furnace work harder, and use more energy, than necessary to maintain the temperature that you’ve set. Changing your filters monthly enables your system to conserve energy and you to save money.
  3. Your health and the environment: Bad in-home air quality is unhealthy. It can contribute to allergy flare-ups, fatigue, sinus problems, lung ailments and asthma symptoms. Dirty filters also add to your carbon footprint. Replace your filter to ensure that your home’s indoor air stays clean and healthy for you and your loved ones, and protect the earth’s future by reducing your energy use.

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