Adding a Heat Pump to Your Indianapolis area Home? Tips That Will Make a DifferenceAlthough heat pumps are highly efficient HVAC appliances, they perform best when homes are properly prepared for them. Factors that affect their performance include energy efficiency, the heat pump sizing, ductwork layout and integrity, and the installation itself. When you cover all these bases, you’ll get the best performance from this appliance.

Energy efficiency

Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will reduce the amount of conditioning you need. Adequate attic insulation and an airtight building envelope slow thermal gains or losses in your home. A professional energy audit can point out the weaknesses of your home, or you can conduct your own audit by closely inspecting your window frames, exterior doors and places where pipes, wires or cable enter the home. Most leaks can be sealed with weatherstripping, caulk or expanding foam, depending on the situation.


The HVAC contractor should use Manual J load calculation software to determine the best size of equipment for your home. It takes into account your home’s size, its energy efficiency, layout and landscaping, along with household size and preferred temperatures. It’s important to use Manual J so that your equipment is sized precisely.

When heat pumps are too large, they start and stop frequently, which raises your energy bills and increases the wear on the system. Your home will be more humid in the summer and less comfortable in the winter. The air will heat too quickly for solid objects indoors to warm, and you may have rooms that stay chilly.


Once the contractor knows the sizing for the heat pump, he or she should perform a thorough ductwork inspection to seal leaks, improve its insulation and possibly adjust the size or ductwork configuration.


The outdoor condenser needs to be set in a shady location away from vegetation that creates a lot of twigs and leaves; this is to make way for plenty of airflow. It also needs at least five feet of clearance on all sides.

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