Common Reasons Why Your A/C is Tripping the Circuit BreakerIf your cooling system suddenly stops running, the first place to check is the electrical panel to see if the A/C is tripping the circuit breaker. Breakers are essential safety features designed to trip if a circuit overloads to halt the flow of current and to avert an electrical fire. If the air conditioner breaker is hot to the touch, it should be replaced by a licensed electrician. If not, a spike in the A/C’s amp draw has likely overloaded the circuit and tripped the breaker.

There are two common issues that can cause an A/C to draw more amps, and they’re easy to troubleshoot and fix yourself:

  • Check for a clogged air filter. If you’ve neglected regular replacements, a badly clogged air filter may be cutting off crucial airflow and overworking the cooling system.
  • Examine the outdoor coil. If you don’t hose it off periodically, a dirt accumulation may be preventing critical heat transfer and increasing the A/C’s workload.

After you change the air filter and gently hose off the condenser coil, reset the A/C’s breaker. If it trips again almost immediately, it’s safer not to reset it again. Instead, call an experienced HVAC contractor to investigate the cause of the problem. A thorough system inspection can uncover one of several possible reasons for an increase in amp draw that trips the circuit breaker, such as:

  • A defective condenser fan. A malfunctioning fan can’t do its job of cooling the outdoor coil, which can interfere with heat transfer and put added strain on the A/C.
  • Low refrigerant. If refrigerant is slowly leaking out, the A/C has to work harder to cool the home and the breaker can trip.
  • Leaky valves. If its valves are leaking, the compressor will draw more amps as it struggles to properly pressurize refrigerant.
  • A bad capacitor. If the cooling system doesn’t start easily and the breaker trips when it does cycle on, a blown compressor capacitor may be the culprit.

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