Great Troubleshooting Tips for Common A/C ProblemsIt’s always a good idea to give your A/C system a test run in early spring before it’s needed for heavy-duty cooling. Professional preventive maintenance is an even better idea, and it’s essential to maximize performance and catch problems early.

Many A/C problems cause intermittent cooling or weak airflow, and often stem from incorrect settings, obstructions or system wear. If your A/C is acting up, try these troubleshooting tips for common A/C problems before calling your A/C maintenance technician.

  • Thermostat: Does your home heat up to uncomfortable temperatures before the A/C turns on? This is often caused by your manual thermostat’s heat anticipator. You can adjust it to activate the A/C closer to the set point. Detach the thermostat housing and look for a metal switch with a triangular-shaped tip. Move it a notch or two as needed.
  • Filter: A clogged filter can create excessive noise and poor airflow. Moreover, a dirty filter can damage the blower by restricting airflow, and you pay higher cooling bills. Make sure you check the filter monthly and change as needed.
  • Coils: Check the outside unit for weeds and debris that could block airflow. Debris is probably inside the cabinet as well. Use a garden hose to wash out the cabinet. Check the indoor evaporator coil and fins for debris and mold. You may use a microbial coil cleaner and soft cloth for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Drainage: Is your A/C leaking water? A clogged drain tube or malfunctioning condensate pump may be to blame. If the drain tube is clogged with algae and/or mold, a cup of bleach should clear it. If the condensate pump has failed, your HVAC tech should be called.
  • HVAC sizing: A/C size affects cooling and your energy bills. If the system is too large or small, it quick-cycles or runs continuously, leading to higher energy bills and early failure. Your A/C tech can adjust the blower, or help you select an A/C replacement if it’s due.

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