I finally decided to get a new furnace and central air unit last October.
Both were long overdue in being replaced and I knew it. They were probably 25 years old. I have to say that I do not like spending money on such items, even though they do come in handy. Buying new cars, clothes, etc. is so much more fun.  With this being said, I was not looking forward to this experience.

I called Jay Wade to set an appointment so he could quote prices and educate me on this purchase.  Jay was a true Professional in his sales presentation and I was highly impressed. I am not saying this because he is a great friend to my family, but because it is true. I have been in outside sales as a Marketing Manager and now advertising for 16+ years so I always critique sales people.  Jay put our friendship on hold and entered my house as a sales representative for Mowery. I truly was impressed in his flawless presentation and knowledge of his product line. He listened to my wants & needs and explained what I needed.  The key word here is “listened”.

Next comes the installation. What a joy to have Tyler & London install
my new units. They too were very professional and very polite. They too are
great sales representatives for your company.

I would recommend these wonderful individuals to anyone that I know who is in need of the services that Mowery offers. This is also a great reflection on
you,Chip for hiring the right individuals to represent your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope you acknowledge
your wonderful employees.

Thank you,
Tammie D.