A/C dangersThe air conditioner and the rest of your HVAC system are designed to stand up to heavy use. Treat it right, and it should give you years of good service. However, there are some dos and don’ts to know when it comes to operating and maintaining your HVAC system. Otherwise, you could end up with expensive repairs and even cause harm to yourself and your home. Read on about A/C dangers.


  • Change the air filter. A clean filter will go a long way to ensuring that your A/C runs cooler, with less friction, so parts don’t wear out as fast. A clean filter not only keeps your A/C in good working order by keeping dirt out, but also prevents slowing down of air flow. Good air flow is important for your A/C to cool and dehumidify the home properly. Change the filter according to manufacturer’s recommendations, or more often.
  • Schedule regular maintenance. An annual visit from your HVAC tech can find little problems before they become big ones. For instance, the tech can tell when a capacitor needs changing. You can replace this part relatively inexpensively, whereas if you leave it to fail, you may experience these symptoms: no cold air; A/C takes longer to start; humming sound; or, A/C shutting off on its own.


  • Ignore dripping sounds from inside the A/C. This could be a clogged condensate drain, which needs immediate attention, or it could result in flooding in your home.
  • Ignore frayed or disconnected wires around the A/C or thermostat. Call the HVAC tech right away to have wires replaced or reconnected. Unless you’re a trained electrician, you should never try to fix wiring.
  • Try to recharge refrigerant yourself. Only licensed individuals are permitted to handle refrigerant. If your unit is not cooling, it may be because of a refrigerant leak, but you need an HVAC tech with proper equipment to check it and bring it back up to the proper levels. Refrigerant touching your skin or eyes can cause frostbite.

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