keeping pets warm“If you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them in and warm them up.” You’ve probably seen various versions of this meme, stressing the importance of caring for your outdoor pets when the temperature drops. However, that’s just one way of keeping pets warm in winter. There are other things you can do as well. Here are five steps you can take.

  1. Give them a sweater. Pet sweaters aren’t just a fashion statement for adorable holiday-card photos. If your pet has very short hair, it won’t provide as much protection as they need in colder temperatures. Putting a sweater on them can really help.
  2. Get a dog house. Make sure your pet’s shelter is prepared for the cold. It should be insulated, with a sloped roof to allow snow and rain to slide off. It should also sit at least four inches off the ground to keep it dry. Turn the house away from the direction of the wind. Finally, outfit it with clean, warm, washable bedding.
  3. Keep their food safe. Put their food bowl in a warm, safe place where it won’t get wet or frozen. Don’t put it in the dog house, though, as that could attract vermin. Feed them a little extra, too, as they burn more calories staying warm, and invest in a heated water bowl to make sure the water doesn’t freeze so your pet can stay hydrated.
  4. Mind their paws. Even if the rest of their bodies are warm, pets’ paws can still experience irritation from walking over ice and snow. Keeping them clean will help prevent this. Also, trimming the fur around their paws will prevent ice buildup around their feet.
  5. Bring them inside. If really low temperatures are forecasted, there’s no substitution for bringing your pets inside where it’s warm. If your garage is heated, you can let them stay there as well if your home isn’t prepared for outdoor guests.

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