Heating System Problems: House Not Warming Up 

The most important function of a heating system is to keep the house comfortably warm safely and efficiently. If your home never quite reaches the comfort zone, or certain rooms remain stubbornly chilly, some element of your heating system isn’t getting the job done. Gas-fired furnaces utilize a … [Read more...]

Common Winter HVAC Concerns to Avoid 

Temperatures are already chilly in Indianapolis, and we can only expect the weather to get colder and showier as the weeks pass. Outside your home, you've probably already made everything shipshape in preparation for the winter storms by cleaning up debris, trimming back limbs and protecting the … [Read more...]

Preventing Freezing Pipe Bursts

If a pipe bursts in your home during the winter months, it will put a big hamper on your entire season. The good news is that we're here to help, and we've done so by compiling a list of our favorite tips to avoid the problem: Drain Excess Water The more water contained in your pipes, the more … [Read more...]

Bundle Up Your Water Heater When Temps Drop

As the thermometer drops, your water heater works doubly hard to maintain hot water. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating water accounts for 25 percent of all energy consumed in the typical home. As water and air temperatures drop, its share of your energy bill could be even … [Read more...]

How a Humidifier Can Help During the Wintertime

Winter’s cold temperatures in the Indianapolis area mean that your furnace will be running often. This can make the air inside your home dry enough to be uncomfortable and even trigger health issues. A humidifier helps you maintain a healthy humidity level in your home. Problems with Low Humidity … [Read more...]

Ways You Can Prevent Ice Dams

During particularly cold or prolonged winter weather, many Indiana homes are vulnerable to a potentially damaging phenomenon: ice dams. These ridges of ice that form at the edge of the roof can result in serious damage to a house's roof, attic and walls. Fortunately, effective strategies to prevent … [Read more...]

Improve Comfort with a Humidifier

As you heat your home this winter, indoor humidity decreases and creates a host of problems easily solved with a humidifier. While dry air is an uncomfortable nuisance associated with winter, it's an inevitable side effect of heating your home that can cause serious problems for your health and … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter Weather

It's getting cold outside, which means now's a good time to warm up your fireplace. The following tips will help you prepare your fireplace for winter and the fantastic memories that are made in front of it. Wood Burning Fireplaces Your wood burning fireplace should be thoroughly cleaned, and … [Read more...]

The Key To Your Comfort May Be A Whole-House Humidifier

Winter in Indianapolis often means dry indoor air. This can result in a host of problems, ranging from health hazards to painful static electricity to potential damage to wooden fixtures and items in your home. The good news is that you can counter dry conditions with a whole-house humidifier, and … [Read more...]