Ways to Combat Static Electricity in Your Home

Besides the chilly weather, static electricity is something you can count on during the winter months. Not only are shocks uncomfortable, they indicate that the air has reached humidity levels that aren’t healthy. They can also damage the low-voltage components inside electronics and appliances. … [Read more...]

Common Winter HVAC Concerns to Avoid 

Temperatures are already chilly in Indianapolis, and we can only expect the weather to get colder and showier as the weeks pass. Outside your home, you've probably already made everything shipshape in preparation for the winter storms by cleaning up debris, trimming back limbs and protecting the … [Read more...]

How to Fix Cold Spots

Do you need a blanket when you sit down in your favorite chair to watch TV, despite the fact the rest of the house is warm? Maybe your bathroom is too chilly, so that you always have to turn on a space heater to feel comfortable. Those cold spots in your home are not just uncomfortable, they can … [Read more...]

Cold and Flu Season: How it Affects Your HVAC

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. That means you will want to do everything you can to prevent getting sick. Here are a few ways to do so: Get your flu shot. Avoid contact with sick people. Wash your hands frequently. Don't touching your mucous membranes, where the flu virus … [Read more...]

Getting an A/C Replacement in Winter

With winter closing in fast, there’s a good chance you’re thinking more about your furnace’s performance than having your air conditioning system replaced. However, the winter season offers one of the best times to get an A/C replacement for your home. No Worries Over Warm Weather Installing a … [Read more...]

Now is the Time to Winterize Your HVAC System in Indiana

Taking care of the HVAC system in your Indiana home is something every homeowner must do year-round. As the weather will soon change thanks to the upcoming colder months of the year, winterizing your HVAC system as soon as possible is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips to start the … [Read more...]

Preventing Freezing Pipe Bursts

If a pipe bursts in your home during the winter months, it will put a big hamper on your entire season. The good news is that we're here to help, and we've done so by compiling a list of our favorite tips to avoid the problem: Drain Excess Water The more water contained in your pipes, the more … [Read more...]

Bundle Up Your Water Heater When Temps Drop

As the thermometer drops, your water heater works doubly hard to maintain hot water. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating water accounts for 25 percent of all energy consumed in the typical home. As water and air temperatures drop, its share of your energy bill could be even … [Read more...]

Winter Safety Precautions for Your Brownsburg Home

We take winter seriously here in Indianapolis, making sure we're ready to withstand the worst when it comes to plunging temperatures and icy road conditions. So when you're sitting down to list and prioritize your chilly season chores, chief among them should be prepping for winter home safety. Why … [Read more...]

Check Your Furnace This Winter

Freezing temperatures will have you putting the heat on in your Indianapolis home soon enough. Before this frigid weather arrives, make sure your furnace will be able to handle it. The following tips can help you prepare your home heating system for winter. Get a New Filter If you haven’t checked … [Read more...]