Things to Know About VOCs

Your home is host to some pretty potent airborne pollutants, including dust, mold, pet dander, pollen and dust mites -- all of which compromise your indoor air quality and can damage your health. But some of the most insidious of airborne particulates derive from so-called volatile organic … [Read more...]

Painting Safety: Effects on Air Quality

The results of a fresh paint job might be enjoyable, but the work itself can pose a danger to your health if you're not careful about your indoor air quality. Understanding paint's effects on air quality will help you protect yourself. Know What's Lurking in Your Paint Paint fumes don't just smell … [Read more...]

Volatile Organic Compounds Can Affect IAQ

The average American home is full of airborne particulates that adversely affect our health. These pollutants derive from a variety of sources, ranging from the dirt particles we bring in on our shoes, to plant pollen that drifts in on our clothing, to far more serious pollutants known as volatile … [Read more...]

How to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality While Remodeling

A remodeling project involves considerable decision-making and planning, so it's easy to overlook one important factor: your home's air quality. Taking measures to maintain indoor air quality while remodeling is vital to protect everyone in the household from potentially harmful substances already … [Read more...]

How Indoor Air Pollution Affects Every Indianapolis Homeowner

Indoor air pollution isn't something you likely think about every day. That's because you're probably like most homeowners and more focused on the smog index outdoors. The reality is that indoor air pollution is even more important to watch out for because it happens within the closed environment of … [Read more...]

Air Cleaners Make Poor IAQ a Thing of the Past

If you're like most Americans, you spend 90 percent of your time indoors. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that the air in most homes is two to five times more polluted than the outdoors, meaning you're being exposed to pollutant levels in the safety of your own home. … [Read more...]

What are VOCs and What They Mean for Your Home?

Homeowners in the Indianapolis area interested in reducing their exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may want to learn a number of simple tips to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by reducing VOCs. Modern products including but not limited to paints, household cleaners, personal care … [Read more...]