Bathroom Ventilation Needs for Summer

Is opening a window adequate bathroom ventilation in summer? Warm water vapor produced by bathing and showering condenses on bathroom surfaces, creating a chronically damp environment that supports mold and mildew growth, as well as bacterial contamination. In addition, bathroom moisture … [Read more...]

Remodeling: Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom renovations offer the homeowner an opportunity not only to create a more aesthetically pleasant environment, but also to boost the value of the home significantly. One upgrade that helps achieve both goals is adding exhaust ventilation. If your current bathroom lacks ventilation, or has … [Read more...]

Incorporate the Whole HVAC System into Your Energy-Saving Plan

Your HVAC system is comprised of many parts and devices that provide heating, ventilation, and cooling for your Indianapolis home. According to the Energy Star program, the HVAC system is responsible for nearly half of the average home's energy use. So, there's plenty of incentive to devise an … [Read more...]

When it Comes to Ventilation, Don’t Forget About Your Garage

Proper garage ventilation has become an increasingly important issue. Unlike yesteryear, residential garages today tend to be secured areas where the door remains closed most of the time. Garages are typically storage spaces for paints, solvents, fuel and other toxic substances. Fumes accumulating … [Read more...]

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality this Fall

Watery eyes, a runny nose and an itchy throat are all too common for those with seasonal allergies, but even those without allergies often suffer from these symptoms. The Environmental Protection Association points out that the air in a typical home is one of the top five environmental hazards, … [Read more...]

Have a Professional Inspect the HVAC System Before You Buy a New Home

If you're like most other home buyers, you wouldn't consider purchasing a newly built or existing home without having an inspection performed. The inspection report provides vital details about the condition of structural components like the roof, foundation, windows and doors, as well as whether … [Read more...]

How Indoor Air Pollution Affects Every Indianapolis Homeowner

Indoor air pollution isn't something you likely think about every day. That's because you're probably like most homeowners and more focused on the smog index outdoors. The reality is that indoor air pollution is even more important to watch out for because it happens within the closed environment of … [Read more...]

Is a Whole-House Fan the Best Option for Your Home’s Ventilation?

Are you looking for ways to curb high cooling costs? If so, adding a whole-house fan can slash your energy usage by up to 70 percent. There are different types of whole-house fans available. Some are hung from an attic rafter and vented using flexible ducting, while others are installed directly in … [Read more...]

What That Condensation on Your Home’s Windows Is Trying to Tell You

Condensation on home windows doesn't just leave ugly water stains and ruin sills and trim. It can facilitate mold growth and erode your air quality too. Since condensation is just a symptom of a more serious problem, it's crucial to understand the possible underlying causes to get it under … [Read more...]

Crucial Maintenance Tips for Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace can add a touch of elegance and cozy comfort to any room in your home. Here are some important maintenance tasks to keep your wood-burning fireplace in prime condition: Have professional maintenance performed annually: Your fireplace and chimney should be inspected and … [Read more...]