How to Deal with a Broken Air Conditioner

When the hot, muggy weather arrives in Indianapolis, a fully-functional air conditioner is essential for your home comfort. Excessively warm, humid periods are when your A/C is under extra strain and more likely to break down unexpectedly. If you're suddenly faced with a broken air conditioner this … [Read more...]

Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Issues

It can be puzzling and frustrating when your heating system is working as it should one minute, and then suddenly it's not. Before your home becomes frigid cold, use these troubleshooting tips for common furnace problems. Thermostat and Power To begin with, furnaces need a signal from the … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Annual Service

It's important to schedule annual service for your furnace, but do you know how to prepare beforehand? Here are some things to consider before the HVAC technician arrives at the door of your Indianapolis area home: … [Read more...]