Reasons to Manage Your Home Heating Load

A term that's used a lot in the HVAC industry is "heating load," which is a calculation of how much heat is required to keep your home at a certain level of warmth. A "cooling load" is the same thing calculated for air conditioning. Any proper sizing of a central HVAC system requires a heating (or … [Read more...]

What Factors to Consider When Determining Your Brownsburg Home’s HVAC Needs

A home’s heating and cooling load refers to the amount of BTUs of heat that must be added to the house by the furnace or extracted from the house by the air conditioner to maintain a consistent level of comfort. Because every house is different when it comes to thermal characteristics, accurately … [Read more...]

Check Out These Features to Look for in a Central Air Conditioners

When you're replacing the air conditioning system in your Indianapolis home, you should carefully compare each model to find best one for your budget and preferences. There are several features to look for in a central A/C that can help make your choice easier. Overall Efficiency The seasonal … [Read more...]

Gather Your Quotes for Your HVAC System Installation, Then Choose

When it's time for a new HVAC system installation for your Indianapolis area home, you should shop around before making a decision. Most homeowners obtain several quotes from different contractors before they have a new system installed, but how do you know which quote to choose? Price isn't the … [Read more...]

Manuals J and D Offer More Precise Load Calculations Than ‘Rule of Thumb’

Are you planning on replacing your air conditioner this year? Don't make another move without first taking the time to understand the value of Manuals J and D. By insisting on working with a contractor who utilizes these important tools, you'll enjoy the highest degree of comfort and savings from … [Read more...]