Indoor Humidity Affects on Energy Bills

We're still likely due for more winter weather this heating season, but if you're like most Indianans, you're already dreaming of spring and warmer temperatures. But maybe along with the thought of balmier weather, you're remembering that summertime inside your Indianapolis home wasn't quite as … [Read more...]

Humidity Levels: A Guide at Managing Them by Season

Indoor humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air inside your home, can affect comfort, health, and even your home's structure and contents. Airborne moisture levels can vary greatly throughout the year, but managing humidity levels seasonally isn't difficult if you follow this guide: Warm … [Read more...]

Low Humidity and Your Family’s Health

Low humidity is much to be desired in the summer, as the damper the air, the warmer we feel. But in winter, it's another story. Low humidity can spawn a whole spectrum of problems, including skin and respiratory issues. It can even increase our chances of getting sick. Here's the lowdown on low … [Read more...]

Find the Right Balance of Heat and Humidity

Some homes are just damper than others. Winter or summer, excessive dampness can cause problems, whether it's from a musty smell, or an actual problem with mold. It's important to always fix leaks in plumbing, in the roof or in the basement, to mitigate damp conditions. But beyond that, you need to … [Read more...]

Improve IAQ with a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In urban Indianapolis, avoiding air pollution is hard enough without adding to the problem with air contaminants in your home. If high humidity is worsening your indoor air quality, a whole-home dehumidifier can help. Humidity and Air Quality Ideally, your home's humidity level should be … [Read more...]

Should You Use the Fan On or Auto Option When Setting Your Thermostat?

Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you fiddle with the thermostat, you can't get comfortable in your home. It may be due to elements affecting home comfort other than temperature, such as humidity and indoor air quality. Setting your thermostat correctly for fan options "on" and "auto" can … [Read more...]

Balancing Humidity in Your Brownsburg Home Can Pay Off

If your Brownsburg area home lacks balanced humidity, you may run the risk of potential health issues for household members, damages to your interior possessions and building materials, and an overall uncomfortable feeling within your home. Balancing humidity is necessary for keeping the home both … [Read more...]