Air Filter Always Dirty? Here’s Why

During the heart of the cooling or heating season, most HVAC experts recommend checking and changing the filter once a month. If you’ve found that you have a dirty air filter sooner, there are probably good reasons for it. You have pets. Cats and dogs shed fur and dander constantly and what … [Read more...]

Things to Know About VOCs

Your home is host to some pretty potent airborne pollutants, including dust, mold, pet dander, pollen and dust mites -- all of which compromise your indoor air quality and can damage your health. But some of the most insidious of airborne particulates derive from so-called volatile organic … [Read more...]

Indoor Plants and IAQ: Finding a Balance

In an urban area like Indianapolis, it's worth making the effort to bring more natural greenery and fresh air into your life. With the right indoor plants, you can accomplish both. Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air Harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene are … [Read more...]

Air Filtration or Cleaning? What’s the Difference?

The terms air filtration and air cleaning are often used interchangeably by people not in the know, but they aren't quite the same thing. Whether you're bothered by the Indianapolis area's high pollen levels or just concerned about your air quality, understanding how filtration and cleaning differ … [Read more...]

Cold and Flu Season: How it Affects Your HVAC

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. That means you will want to do everything you can to prevent getting sick. Here are a few ways to do so: Get your flu shot. Avoid contact with sick people. Wash your hands frequently. Don't touching your mucous membranes, where the flu virus … [Read more...]

Painting Safety: Effects on Air Quality

The results of a fresh paint job might be enjoyable, but the work itself can pose a danger to your health if you're not careful about your indoor air quality. Understanding paint's effects on air quality will help you protect yourself. Know What's Lurking in Your Paint Paint fumes don't just smell … [Read more...]

Factors Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

The air inside your home can have a big impact on your health if certain pollutants and other irritants are present. It’s important to know the potential sources that can affect your indoor air quality, so you can make sure that you and your family are breathing air that’s as clean and healthy as … [Read more...]

Volatile Organic Compounds Can Affect IAQ

The average American home is full of airborne particulates that adversely affect our health. These pollutants derive from a variety of sources, ranging from the dirt particles we bring in on our shoes, to plant pollen that drifts in on our clothing, to far more serious pollutants known as volatile … [Read more...]

Controlling Dust All Over Your House and HVAC System

Controlling dust in your home can be tough. Sometimes it seems that no sooner do we clean it off our furniture and floors than it's back again. And not only does it make it look as if we're behind in the housework, but it can also compromise our indoor air quality. What's a Little Dust? Although … [Read more...]

Checking Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With temperatures cooling off, homeowners in the Indianapolis area will soon be firing up their furnace or lighting up their fireplace for heat. Before the heating season starts, it’s important to make sure the carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working properly. Dangers of Carbon … [Read more...]