Children Safety Around Your HVAC

As you go about childproofing your home for your own children or someone else’s, remember to double check your HVAC safety too. These system have some components that could be harmful unless they’re made safer. In-floor Registers If the registers for your ductwork are in the floor or low on the … [Read more...]

HVAC Rules to Leave Your Babysitter

Summer is here and it's time for your annual getaway. A wise homeowner will designate or hire someone to look in or stay in the home during vacation time, to water plants, to ensure that everything is running right and to show any potential burglars that someone is keeping an eye on things. Some … [Read more...]

HVAC Costs to Splurge On

Time to live a little and get some high end products for your HVAC system. Or should you be prudent and save money? Well... Both. When it comes to HVAC costs, there are some things you should pay more for and others you shouldn't. Here's a guide to deciding which is which. When to Splurge The most … [Read more...]

Reasons HVAC Inspection is Important

If you depend on your HVAC system for comfort during hot summer days, add an HVAC inspection to your must-do list. Avoiding or procrastinating professional service could sideline your HVAC system when you most need it. You may also want to schedule an inspection if you’re buying or selling a … [Read more...]

How to Deal with a Broken Air Conditioner

When the hot, muggy weather arrives in Indianapolis, a fully-functional air conditioner is essential for your home comfort. Excessively warm, humid periods are when your A/C is under extra strain and more likely to break down unexpectedly. If you're suddenly faced with a broken air conditioner this … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: Where to Start

Are you ready for your annual spring cleaning? Here are a few suggestions to help you clean up your home, while improving home comfort and energy efficiency. General Indoor Cleaning Dust and mop or vacuum every room to remove dust mites and other allergens. Don’t forget to clean ceiling fans … [Read more...]

Common Winter HVAC Concerns to Avoid 

Temperatures are already chilly in Indianapolis, and we can only expect the weather to get colder and showier as the weeks pass. Outside your home, you've probably already made everything shipshape in preparation for the winter storms by cleaning up debris, trimming back limbs and protecting the … [Read more...]

Cold and Flu Season: How it Affects Your HVAC

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. That means you will want to do everything you can to prevent getting sick. Here are a few ways to do so: Get your flu shot. Avoid contact with sick people. Wash your hands frequently. Don't touching your mucous membranes, where the flu virus … [Read more...]

What Factors to Consider When Determining Your Brownsburg Home’s HVAC Needs

A home’s heating and cooling load refers to the amount of BTUs of heat that must be added to the house by the furnace or extracted from the house by the air conditioner to maintain a consistent level of comfort. Because every house is different when it comes to thermal characteristics, accurately … [Read more...]

Fall Parties: HVAC Considerations for Hosts

Ah, fall! It's the time when the heat and humidity of summer should abate and be replaced by crisp, cool breezes and a freshening of the air. It's also a time when many homeowners plan fall parties, be it informal football-watching gatherings or some Halloween fun for the kids. Whatever type of fall … [Read more...]