What to do About HVAC Coil Corrosion 

You may have heard of your HVAC coils, but perhaps you're not sure what they do. For the most part, you probably will never need to know all that much about them, particularly if you have regular maintenance to your air conditioner and heating system. Your HVAC tech will look at your coils, and … [Read more...]

Look For These Main Qualities in an HVAC Technician

Aside from the house itself and perhaps your automobiles, the HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable year round is your biggest investment. This is the number one reason why choosing a trustworthy and competent HVAC technician is essential for anything from preventative maintenance to minor … [Read more...]

Certifications to Look For in an HVAC Pro

Considering what’s at stake when you need services or repairs for your HVAC system, it’s worth a little extra time to make sure you’re getting a contractor with the best HVAC certifications in your area. Besides ensuring your ongoing comfort, your energy bills and safety are on the … [Read more...]

What You Should Expect From an HVAC Pro During A/C Maintenance

Annual preventive maintenance is vital to keep your home's cooling system operating efficiently and reliably. The A/C maintenance performed by an experienced HVAC pro includes a long list of essential tasks that ensure your comfort and keep energy consumption in check. Here are some of the key steps … [Read more...]

Maintenance Tasks for Home Heat Pumps

Keeping your heat pump in top condition is vital for your year-round comfort. By taking care of the following routine heat pump maintenance tasks, you can save up to 25 percent on annual energy consumption and decrease the risk of costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Maintain Good Indoor … [Read more...]

Great Troubleshooting Tips for Common A/C Problems

It's always a good idea to give your A/C system a test run in early spring before it's needed for heavy-duty cooling. Professional preventive maintenance is an even better idea, and it's essential to maximize performance and catch problems early. Many A/C problems cause intermittent cooling or … [Read more...]

Spring Maintenance Procedures for Your Home

Are you ready to enjoy the warmer months ahead? Is your home prepared? Now is the time to complete your spring home maintenance procedures. In the end, the time and money you spend on professional maintenance, repairs and protective measures will decrease your home's energy cost in the … [Read more...]

Improve HVAC System Efficiency with Frequent Filter Changes

You've probably heard HVAC technicians mention the importance of changing the air filter in your forced-air heating or cooling system, but you might still be a little confused about why it's so important. Frequent filter changes won't only improve HVAC system efficiency, but it can also enhance … [Read more...]

How to Properly Relight the Boiler in Your Brownsburg Home

If you wake up one morning in a cold house, your pilot light may have gone out. This could be caused by a one-time event, like a strong wind, or it could be an indication of a more serious problem, such as a failed thermocouple. You can follow these steps to relight your boiler before calling … [Read more...]

A/C Problems? Try These Troubleshooting Tips First

Air conditioners are essential equipment during our hot and humid Indianapolis summers, so when things go wrong, it can make life extremely uncomfortable. Check out these A/C troubleshooting tips before you call in the professionals. … [Read more...]