Reasons HVAC Inspection is Important

If you depend on your HVAC system for comfort during hot summer days, add an HVAC inspection to your must-do list. Avoiding or procrastinating professional service could sideline your HVAC system when you most need it. You may also want to schedule an inspection if you’re buying or selling a … [Read more...]

Home Buying: Have an HVAC Inspection by a Pro

An HVAC inspection goes well beyond the typical pre-sale evaluation performed by a home inspector. Before making a buying decision about a residence, it makes sense to give particular attention to the status of certain critical systems. In most homes, the cooling and heating system accounts for … [Read more...]

Common Reasons Why Your A/C is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

If your cooling system suddenly stops running, the first place to check is the electrical panel to see if the A/C is tripping the circuit breaker. Breakers are essential safety features designed to trip if a circuit overloads to halt the flow of current and to avert an electrical fire. If the air … [Read more...]

Have a Professional Inspect the HVAC System Before You Buy a New Home

If you're like most other home buyers, you wouldn't consider purchasing a newly built or existing home without having an inspection performed. The inspection report provides vital details about the condition of structural components like the roof, foundation, windows and doors, as well as whether … [Read more...]