Making HVAC Elements Work with Your Interior Design

The HVAC elements you find in your home's interior are a good example of the principle of form following function. There is, in most cases, nothing beautiful or decorative about your thermostat, the grilles, vents or registers, or the ductless mini-split's air handler. Maybe you're the type of … [Read more...]

What You Should Know about Residential Rooftop HVAC Units

While everyone’s familiar with the typical residential “split” central air conditioner, the rooftop HVAC unit is now beginning to be seen in home installations, too. The standard split system includes an indoor evaporator coil along with an outdoor condenser coil next to or behind the house. The … [Read more...]

Should You Get Additional Insurance for Your HVAC Unit?

Most homeowners assume that their HVAC system is covered by their homeowners' insurance policy. That, in most instances, is correct. However, there are a few situations where damage may occur where insurance may not cover the unit. Read on, and learn about when you need to be concerned about HVAC … [Read more...]

Limiting the Effect of Animal Damage on Your HVAC

When a wild animal decides your HVAC system looks like the perfect refuge from the snow and driving winds of the Indianapolis winter, expensive animal damage is often the result. With a few preventive measures, you can protect your system and local wildlife. Block Entry Points Mice, squirrels, … [Read more...]

What HVAC Brand Should You Buy?

The reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system affects your comfort level and your energy bills. If your heating and cooling equipment is getting on in age and you're wisely looking into your replacement options, you'll want to compare different HVAC brands. Learning about some of the best … [Read more...]

HVAC Cleaning and Your Home

During the hottest days of an Indianapolis summer, life can get uncomfortable without air conditioning. To make sure you don't find yourself in that situation, make time for a little basic HVAC cleaning to keep your cooling system reliable. Tidy up Outdoors Even if it's covered, your outdoor … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Buying HVAC Equipment

Replacing your old HVAC system with a new model can be daunting. You want to get the best equipment for the least amount of money you can manage, which of course can be challenging. How do you know what the best equipment is? Is it determined by price? Efficiency rating? Bells and … [Read more...]

Here’s What You Should Know About the Energy Star Guidelines

The Energy Star program provides a quick and easy way to distinguish between products when its energy efficiency is one of your criteria for buying something. The iconic blue star on the packaging or the product itself tells you that it uses less electricity or fuel than others similar to it without … [Read more...]

Repair vs. Replace: Consider These Things

Just like any mechanical device or equipment, HVAC systems will only operate for so long before they need to be replaced. Determining that time, however, isn't so simple. If you're replacing a heating or cooling system when it still has a lot of mileage left in its tank, you're leaving money on the … [Read more...]

Looking for a New Air Conditioner? Use These Tips

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a big step towards a more comfortable home. If you shop wisely, it is also a step towards greater energy savings. Here are several factors to consider when buying a new air conditioner. Efficiency High efficiency air conditioners manufactured today use at … [Read more...]