How Your IAQ Changes in Summer

How is the air in your home different in summer than during other seasons? You may not know it, but you're likely to be dealing with an elevated level of indoor air pollutants in summer, particularly when you keep your house closed up with your air conditioner on. Here's how you can improve your … [Read more...]

Indoor Humidity Affects on Energy Bills

We're still likely due for more winter weather this heating season, but if you're like most Indianans, you're already dreaming of spring and warmer temperatures. But maybe along with the thought of balmier weather, you're remembering that summertime inside your Indianapolis home wasn't quite as … [Read more...]

Low Humidity and Your Family’s Health

Low humidity is much to be desired in the summer, as the damper the air, the warmer we feel. But in winter, it's another story. Low humidity can spawn a whole spectrum of problems, including skin and respiratory issues. It can even increase our chances of getting sick. Here's the lowdown on low … [Read more...]

Factors Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

The air inside your home can have a big impact on your health if certain pollutants and other irritants are present. It’s important to know the potential sources that can affect your indoor air quality, so you can make sure that you and your family are breathing air that’s as clean and healthy as … [Read more...]

Life Hacks: Natural Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Humidity

With summer well under way in Indiana, you should be well aware of whether your home has a humidity problem. You feel clammy and uncomfortable, you see condensation forming on windows and walls, and your air conditioner has to work harder to cool the home. Excessive humidity is not only … [Read more...]

Find the Right Balance of Heat and Humidity

Some homes are just damper than others. Winter or summer, excessive dampness can cause problems, whether it's from a musty smell, or an actual problem with mold. It's important to always fix leaks in plumbing, in the roof or in the basement, to mitigate damp conditions. But beyond that, you need to … [Read more...]

What’s a “Feels Like” Temperature?

If your home feels too warm or chilly at times, but the thermostat reading says you should feel comfortable, there's a disconnect between your actual comfort level — the "feels like" temperature — and what's displayed on the thermostat screen. This discrepancy is often caused by the level of … [Read more...]

What That Condensation on Your Home’s Windows Is Trying to Tell You

Condensation on home windows doesn't just leave ugly water stains and ruin sills and trim. It can facilitate mold growth and erode your air quality too. Since condensation is just a symptom of a more serious problem, it's crucial to understand the possible underlying causes to get it under … [Read more...]

Soothe Dry, Irritated Skin with a Whole-House Humidifier

Experiencing great health benefits, such as fewer allergy symptoms, is just one reason to invest in a whole-house humidifier. Keeping your home's humidity level between 25 and 40 percent during the heating season can help soothe dry, irritated skin and prevent chapped lips. Water always moves … [Read more...]

Treat Your Indiana Home To A Humidification System This Fall

Indiana's icy cold winters often leave our homes with dry air that's not only uncomfortable, but also makes it harder to heat. During extreme cold, the relative humidity in your home can drop to as low as 5 percent. That's a far cry from the optimal 30 to 50 percent. By installing a humidification … [Read more...]