Humidity Levels: A Guide at Managing Them by Season

Indoor humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air inside your home, can affect comfort, health, and even your home's structure and contents. Airborne moisture levels can vary greatly throughout the year, but managing humidity levels seasonally isn't difficult if you follow this guide: Warm … [Read more...]

Life Hacks: Natural Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Humidity

With summer well under way in Indiana, you should be well aware of whether your home has a humidity problem. You feel clammy and uncomfortable, you see condensation forming on windows and walls, and your air conditioner has to work harder to cool the home. Excessive humidity is not only … [Read more...]

Find the Right Balance of Heat and Humidity

Some homes are just damper than others. Winter or summer, excessive dampness can cause problems, whether it's from a musty smell, or an actual problem with mold. It's important to always fix leaks in plumbing, in the roof or in the basement, to mitigate damp conditions. But beyond that, you need to … [Read more...]

Indoor Air Quality Leave Something To Be Desired? Some HVAC Upgrades That Will Make A Difference

Many homes have poor indoor air quality resulting from a wide range of sources. Heating sources including oil and gas appliances, smoking, cleaning products, wood products, carpet, asbestos and outdoor pollution are just some of the things that may contribute to sub-par indoor air quality. When the … [Read more...]

Treat Your Indiana Home To A Humidification System This Fall

Indiana's icy cold winters often leave our homes with dry air that's not only uncomfortable, but also makes it harder to heat. During extreme cold, the relative humidity in your home can drop to as low as 5 percent. That's a far cry from the optimal 30 to 50 percent. By installing a humidification … [Read more...]

Preventing Moisture Damage When Your Cooling System’s On All The Time

Because air conditioning units don't contain water, moisture damage may not be the first risk we think of when considering our A/C. That risk does exist, however, and if the system is on all or much of the time – such as between May and September in Indiana – the possibility for moisture damage … [Read more...]

Stuffy Stale Rooms? Your Return-Air Ducts Could Be The Reason

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable, stuffy home even when your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is running at maximum capacity, it likely is time for a change. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to upgrade your whole air-conditioning system. Instead, you … [Read more...]

Comparing Whole-House Humidifiers With Portable Models

Portable humidifiers can be helpful during an Indiana winter, when constant furnace use can dry out the inside of a home. However, a whole-house humidifier will get even better results. Portable units have their advantages, but for ultimate relief from dry air, whole-house units win, hands down. … [Read more...]