What to Know About Dryer Safety

The link between dryer safety and proper dryer ventilation becomes clear almost 3,000 times each year. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, that’s the average number of dryer fires that occur in this country every year. These fires cause about $35 million in property losses and about five … [Read more...]

Limiting the Effect of Animal Damage on Your HVAC

When a wild animal decides your HVAC system looks like the perfect refuge from the snow and driving winds of the Indianapolis winter, expensive animal damage is often the result. With a few preventive measures, you can protect your system and local wildlife. Block Entry Points Mice, squirrels, … [Read more...]

Air Filtration or Cleaning? What’s the Difference?

The terms air filtration and air cleaning are often used interchangeably by people not in the know, but they aren't quite the same thing. Whether you're bothered by the Indianapolis area's high pollen levels or just concerned about your air quality, understanding how filtration and cleaning differ … [Read more...]

Have You Started to Replace Detectors in Your Home? 

Nothing lasts forever, and your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are no exception. To be sure, these devices last a very long time, and with proper care and maintenance, you should get your money's worth. But when the time comes, be prepared to replace detectors. When to Replace … [Read more...]

Your A/C and Natural Disaster Preparation

With the internet making us more aware of events worldwide, it seems natural disasters are happening all the time, everywhere. The truth of the matter is, these catastrophic events are still somewhat rare, and it does not necessarily follow that every city and town will eventually be impacted. What … [Read more...]

Babyproof Your HVAC Unit

Congratulations on your new baby! While you're enjoying the special time before your little one starts crawling and walking, you're probably also busy making safety-focused changes to ensure that your home is baby-friendly. Here are some tips to help you babyproof your HVAC system, since it contains … [Read more...]

Why You Should Change Your Air Filters Now

Most likely the warm weather won't be around much longer; soon we'll see the seasons transitioning, with cooling breezes and falling leaves. Regardless of the season, however, your HVAC system always requires a filter change. Although you may not run the A/C as much as you run the furnace in our … [Read more...]

How Fallen Leaves Affect Your HVAC System

Autumn can bring gorgeous colors to our trees here in Indiana, but fallen leaves can also create some problems for homeowners. Like other kinds of yard debris, leaves pose a hazard to your HVAC equipment. Here are the most common issues and how to prevent them: Problems Fallen Leaves Can … [Read more...]

Here’s One Fire Hazard You’ve Probably Never Considered

You may have a household fire hazard that you’re not even aware of. Every year, about 3,000 house fires originate in the clothes dryer. Property damage from these fires exceeds $35 million. The culprit in most cases is actually lint. This tiny fibrous material is an inevitable byproduct of drying … [Read more...]

Does Your House Have a Potential Gas Leak?

A natural gas leak can be dangerous and more ways than one. While a gas leak always presents an explosion risk, it can also produce a wide range of side effects that closely resemble those of carbon monoxide poisoning. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and memory … [Read more...]