Ideas for Heating Old Homes

Your house has been in your family for generations. You love it and the history it carries. The only problem is keeping it warm. It's pretty drafty, and may not even have ductwork to accommodate a modern HVAC system. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help get you through the cold, … [Read more...]

How to Fix Cold Spots

Do you need a blanket when you sit down in your favorite chair to watch TV, despite the fact the rest of the house is warm? Maybe your bathroom is too chilly, so that you always have to turn on a space heater to feel comfortable. Those cold spots in your home are not just uncomfortable, they can … [Read more...]

What Does the Odor Coming From the Furnace Mean?

Furnaces are workhorse HVAC units that keep your Indianapolis home warm and cozy during the heating months. While furnaces will make noises common to their function, such as the sound of airflow from the vents or the blower motor, they shouldn't create any odors. So, if you detect a furnace smell … [Read more...]

Bundle Up Your Water Heater When Temps Drop

As the thermometer drops, your water heater works doubly hard to maintain hot water. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating water accounts for 25 percent of all energy consumed in the typical home. As water and air temperatures drop, its share of your energy bill could be even … [Read more...]

3 Benefits a Variable Speed Furnace Offers Indianapolis Homeowners

The Indianapolis weather covers a wide range of temperatures, and a one-size-fits-all approach to home heating isn't ideal. With most homeowners relying on furnaces for their heating needs through the colder months, a variable speed furnace offers significant benefits in terms of home comfort and … [Read more...]

Homeowners With Heat-Pump Systems Get Results With 3 Performance Boosters

Heat-pump systems can be very energy-efficient and economical home comfort solutions for homeowners here in the Indianapolis area. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling by absorbing heat from areas where it's not needed – transferring heat into the home in winter and flushing it out in summer. … [Read more...]