Things You Should Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

A new furnace is a big investment, and it's one that can impact your comfort and energy bills well into the future. Before you replace your furnace, you need to know that you're making a wise and informed choice. Here are some key considerations that can help make your decision easier: Make Sure … [Read more...]

Heating System Problems: House Not Warming Up 

The most important function of a heating system is to keep the house comfortably warm safely and efficiently. If your home never quite reaches the comfort zone, or certain rooms remain stubbornly chilly, some element of your heating system isn’t getting the job done. Gas-fired furnaces utilize a … [Read more...]

Modulating Furnaces: Benefits for Your Home

If you're in the market for a new heating system, your best bet, if you can afford it, is a high-efficiency modulating furnace. These models consume fuel and electricity much more efficiently than their standard-efficiency single-stage brethren, and provide better comfort as well. Find out why … [Read more...]

Replacing Your Furnace Motor: Deciding on ECM or PSC

Whether you are installing a new furnace in your Indianapolis home, or are simply performing a furnace motor replacement, you may be offered a choice between an ECM or a PSC motor. There are several differences between the two, and your choice may have a significant impact on your furnace's overall … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Tell if Your Furnace is Operating Properly

It is important to inspect your furnace and be aware of the signs that it may be malfunctioning. Malfunctioning furnaces can easily become safety hazards and you may need to consider a furnace replacement. Below are some of the indications that your furnace may have problems: Unusual smells - … [Read more...]

Start Planning Now for Furnace Installation Cost

In a perfect world, furnaces would last as long as the homes that they heat. They could be installed once and then ignored for decades to come. Unfortunately, that world is just a dream. Here's how to know if your furnace is on its last legs, and what you can do to manage your furnace installation … [Read more...]

These Signs Could Mean Furnace Failure Is On The Horizon

Here in Indiana, you'll likely put your furnace through a lot of work this winter. That's why it's essential that your heating system is ready for several months of steady work. You don't want furnace failure to occur in the middle of winter, when you're least equipped to handle it. To detect signs … [Read more...]

Furnace Replacement: Why Buying At The End Of Winter Makes Sense

While most people consider a furnace replacement at the beginning of the cold season, there are actually quite a few reasons to delay it until after winter has ended. While this may seem counter-productive, when you consider the benefits that you can realize by waiting, this decision makes more … [Read more...]

Furnace Replacement: 7 Tips For Making The Decision — When The Time Is Right

How is your heating system holding up these days? It worthwhile to fix and maintain the old furnace in your Indianapolis-area home? Or is it more economical to get a new energy-efficient model? There's no one factor that can make this decision for you - short of a complete and total breakdown - but … [Read more...]

Furnace Efficiency Can Be Enhanced Through Proper Operation And Maintenance

To ensure furnace efficiency, it’s often critical to look at the little things you do for your furnace that will add up over the long run. Three factors that significantly impact furnace efficiency include thermostat settings, annual maintenance and maintaining the ductwork. Take care of these three … [Read more...]