Things You Should Know Before You Replace Your Furnace

A new furnace is a big investment, and it's one that can impact your comfort and energy bills well into the future. Before you replace your furnace, you need to know that you're making a wise and informed choice. Here are some key considerations that can help make your decision easier: Make Sure … [Read more...]

Is Your Heating System Right for Your Home? 

Finding just the right heating system for your home is serious business. No matter which type you choose, it will represent a substantial investment, and you want it to last a long time, with minimal repair. You also want assurance that for the money you're spending, the system will do a good job … [Read more...]

Does Your House Have a Potential Gas Leak?

A natural gas leak can be dangerous and more ways than one. While a gas leak always presents an explosion risk, it can also produce a wide range of side effects that closely resemble those of carbon monoxide poisoning. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and memory … [Read more...]

These are the HVAC Heating Season Terms to Know

The more you know about your heating system, the better choices you can make for HVAC efficiency, service, repairs and when you're installing a new unit. Though, you don't need to become an expert, but understanding basic heating season terms is a great start! AFUE When you're shopping for a new … [Read more...]

What Does the Odor Coming From the Furnace Mean?

Furnaces are workhorse HVAC units that keep your Indianapolis home warm and cozy during the heating months. While furnaces will make noises common to their function, such as the sound of airflow from the vents or the blower motor, they shouldn't create any odors. So, if you detect a furnace smell … [Read more...]

Check Your Furnace This Winter

Freezing temperatures will have you putting the heat on in your Indianapolis home soon enough. Before this frigid weather arrives, make sure your furnace will be able to handle it. The following tips can help you prepare your home heating system for winter. Get a New Filter If you haven’t checked … [Read more...]

Checking Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With temperatures cooling off, homeowners in the Indianapolis area will soon be firing up their furnace or lighting up their fireplace for heat. Before the heating season starts, it’s important to make sure the carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working properly. Dangers of Carbon … [Read more...]

Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Issues

It can be puzzling and frustrating when your heating system is working as it should one minute, and then suddenly it's not. Before your home becomes frigid cold, use these troubleshooting tips for common furnace problems. Thermostat and Power To begin with, furnaces need a signal from the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Investing in a Variable-Speed Furnace this Winter

To stay warm in Indianapolis' subzero winter temperatures without breaking the bank, you need a furnace that can handle your heating demands efficiently. A variable-speed furnace can both improve your comfort and cut your heating bills. How a Variable-Speed Furnace Works Older furnaces, known … [Read more...]

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace?

Purchasing a new furnace can be an intimidating process. Like with any large appliance, a significant amount of research and planning should be done prior to making a decision. Furnaces are equipped with many different features, so it's important to understand characteristics such as performance, … [Read more...]