Tips for Checking Insulation Levels in Your House

Inadequate insulation and air leaks can inflate your household energy bills and erode your comfort. The following tips can help you perform checks on two key areas of your home to determine if you'd benefit from having a professional seal leaks and boost your insulation level. Examine the Attic In … [Read more...]

Attic Safety Tips

Most homes have some or all of their HVAC equipment in their attic. Whether you find yourself heading up to the attic to perform some minor maintenance or you're giving a technician access to your HVAC equipment, it's important to be aware of these attic safety tips. Most attic-related safety … [Read more...]

How Can Attic Insulation Help Save You Energy?

If your home's attic isn't well insulated, you're likely paying for it in excessive energy bills and decreased home comfort. Attic insulation is relatively easy to install and it also does the most good at saving energy when compared to other types of home insulation. Find out why attic insulation … [Read more...]

Install Insulation in These Areas to Improve Home Comfort

If you only do one fall maintenance project this year, make sure your home is well insulated. You'll save energy, boost comfort, and protect valuable home systems. Use these tips to upgrade home insulation in your Indianapolis area dwelling. Attic Insulation Unfinished attics lacking … [Read more...]