Heating System Problems: House Not Warming Up 

The most important function of a heating system is to keep the house comfortably warm safely and efficiently. If your home never quite reaches the comfort zone, or certain rooms remain stubbornly chilly, some element of your heating system isn’t getting the job done. Gas-fired furnaces utilize a … [Read more...]

Changing Air Filters: An Important Part of Your Spring Routine

One of the easiest and most effective HVAC maintenance jobs you can do to keep your system performing well and your indoor air quality high is to regularly change the air filter in your furnace, A/C or heat pump. Air filters remove various contaminants from the indoor air before they enter your … [Read more...]

A High-SEER A/C Works Best When Other Factors Are in Sync

Just because an air conditioner sports a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) doesn't necessarily mean your high-SEER A/C will perform as well as its rating. In fact, your HVAC technician's ability to properly install and maintain your new equipment is imperative if you hope to boost your … [Read more...]