Air Filter Always Dirty? Here’s Why

During the heart of the cooling or heating season, most HVAC experts recommend checking and changing the filter once a month. If you’ve found that you have a dirty air filter sooner, there are probably good reasons for it. You have pets. Cats and dogs shed fur and dander constantly and what … [Read more...]

Simple Tricks to Remember to Change the Air Filter

Changing the air filter is essential to the smooth operation of your HVAC system. A clean filter offers benefits on so many levels, it's hard to name them all but here are some: Improved air flow Better ability to maintain satisfactory relative humidity from the home Keeps HVAC parts clean … [Read more...]

Why You Should Change Your Air Filters Now

Most likely the warm weather won't be around much longer; soon we'll see the seasons transitioning, with cooling breezes and falling leaves. Regardless of the season, however, your HVAC system always requires a filter change. Although you may not run the A/C as much as you run the furnace in our … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget to Change Your Home’s Air Filters

Chances are you live a busy lifestyle and getting caught up in a hectic schedule can make it easy to forget about the little things, one of those being the need to change your air filter. It’s no secret that air filters are a commonly overlooked maintenance item. However, the consequences of … [Read more...]

Select the Best Furnace Filter for Your Indiana Home

When it comes to improving the air quality in your Indianapolis home, one of the simplest, and least expensive ways to accomplish this task is by changing your furnace filter. Doing so can prolong the life of your HVAC system and save you money down the road with fewer repairs. Read on for valuable … [Read more...]

Still Suffering Allergies this Summer? Remove the Dust with These Tips

You may sneeze your way through an Indianapolis winter, thanks to flu and cold season. And in the spring, allergies may wreak havoc with your sinuses. If you are still sneezing in the summer, though, dust allergies may be the culprit. Allergies to dust and dust mites are common, and they can … [Read more...]

When Shopping For Air Filters, It’s Important To Make Sense Of MERV Ratings

If you’re shopping for air filters with the goal of improving your home’s air quality and protection for your furnace and/or air conditioner, you’ll want to know how to understand Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings. MERV is simple to understand: It’s essentially a system that shows an … [Read more...]

Finding And Fixing Those Air Leaks In Your Home

Air leaks in your home will lead to an increase in energy costs and an uncomfortable living environment. Your heated or cooled air leaks out of cracks and holes while the outside air seeps in. To compensate for air leaks, homeowners typically adjust the thermostat, which increases the amount of … [Read more...]

Mold Growth: Contending With It In Your A/C’s Drip Pan

Mold contamination within your home can contribute to health issues including difficulty breathing and allergy symptoms. This especially applies to those who already suffer from allergies, have asthma, or suffer from other chronic lung conditions. Mold, a potentially dangerous fungus, requires … [Read more...]

Choosing The Best MERV Filter For Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important ways to keep your home's cooling system running efficiently and its indoor air healthy is to change air filters regularly. A dirty filter blocks airflow and can greatly reduce your system's efficiency. A clogged filter also can lead to premature breakdowns and early … [Read more...]