Air Filtration or Cleaning? What’s the Difference?

The terms air filtration and air cleaning are often used interchangeably by people not in the know, but they aren't quite the same thing. Whether you're bothered by the Indianapolis area's high pollen levels or just concerned about your air quality, understanding how filtration and cleaning differ … [Read more...]

Air Filtration vs. Air Cleaning: Understand the Difference

Two approaches โ€” air filtration and air cleaning โ€” both improve indoor air quality. It probably comes as no surprise that the best of both worlds is a combination approach. Air quality is degraded by airborne particulates like dust, dirt, lint, pet dander, and so forth. Most of this is stuff you can … [Read more...]

What Size Particles Do You Want Your Air Filter to Trap? Read On

If you think the air in your Indianapolis home is clean, you may be surprised to learn that the federal EPA cites the air in the typical home as one of the top five environmental hazards. Your home's air contains particles such as pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris, bacteria and viruses. Poor … [Read more...]