Nothing to Sneeze At: Tackling Spring Allergies with HVAC

When spring arrives, the Indianapolis landscape transitions from the dreary grey of winter to the cheerier colors of budding trees and green lawns. However, no matter how much we welcome spring’s arrival, it also brings a new allergy season. This year, learn how your HVAC system can help alleviate … [Read more...]

HVAC System Estimate: Key Questions to Ask

If the time has come to replace your heating or cooling equipment, you'll want to obtain an HVAC system estimate. Asking the contractor you're considering the following questions can help ensure that you get estimates that meet your needs: How is Equipment Capacity Determined? For your new … [Read more...]

Swelling and Shrinking: Why Checking for Air Leaks is Important

Oil prices are low these days, so if your wintertime heating bills have been more than you expected, there could be something else going on. It could be your heating system needs attention, or it could be you have air leaks. Your home may be less than airtight, in which case your conditioned air … [Read more...]

Thank you Mowery and Chris B.

Chris B came out to drain our water heater and I wanted to say that he is a fine young man who did a great job for us. He is a good representative of Mowery. We will definately use Mowery again. Thank you. Bob K. … [Read more...]

Happy With My Sewer Line Replacement & Taylor’s Professionalism

We used Mowery for our sewer line replacement. I wanted to compliment Taylor! He supervised the job and was so pleasant and diligent. He just went right to work first thing in the morning and didn't deviate from the task at hand. He did an outstanding job with putting all of the dirt back where … [Read more...]

Can’t Say Enough Nice Things About Greg H! Thank You!

Great home service call today from Greg H.! Greg did a fabulous job, was kind, talkative and very polite. I truly can't say enough good things about him!! I would love to have him be my full-time technician, all of the time!! Greg was such a nice young man! Thank you for the excellent … [Read more...]

Outstanding Customer Service from Chris C.

I have been a Mowery customer for quite a while and I am actually on the monthly payment plan for the annual service agreement. Chris C came to my home for the AC tune up and he gave the best service I have ever received! I would actually love for him to always be my one and only technician for my … [Read more...]

Thank you Mowery Team and especially Heath M. !

I am a customer of Mowery, as well as our daughter who has recently had a complicated problem at her home. I want to thank Mowery for the excellent care we have received from the entire Mowery team on our daughter's behalf. I also want to make sure that Heath gets a big thank you for the tip he … [Read more...]

My Furnace Is So Clean! Thank you Damien!

Damien was absolutely fantastic! He was so thorough and my furnace has never been so clean! It is like my furnace got a bath!! I love it! Thank you Damien!! Barbara M. … [Read more...]

Jeff P was Professional & Thorough

Jeff P was very thorough with the furnace maintenance and inspection. I appreciate it! Thank you Marilyn B … [Read more...]