Will You Spring on HVAC Replacements Before Summer?

If your heating and cooling equipment is showing signs of an age-related decline in efficiency, or it's needed repairs more often recently, investing in new HVAC before summer can be a smart choice. Here are a few of the reasons why it's worth springing for an HVAC replacement this time of … [Read more...]

Ways to Combat Static Electricity in Your Home

Besides the chilly weather, static electricity is something you can count on during the winter months. Not only are shocks uncomfortable, they indicate that the air has reached humidity levels that aren’t healthy. They can also damage the low-voltage components inside electronics and appliances. … [Read more...]

3 Signs of a Good Heating Contractor 

Your HVAC system is perhaps the most sophisticated — and expensive — equipment in your home. And though most properly installed systems will last many years, they will sometimes need repairs and maintenance. That's why you need to be sure the cooling and heating contractor you choose is a top … [Read more...]

How Fallen Leaves Affect Your HVAC System

Autumn can bring gorgeous colors to our trees here in Indiana, but fallen leaves can also create some problems for homeowners. Like other kinds of yard debris, leaves pose a hazard to your HVAC equipment. Here are the most common issues and how to prevent them: Problems Fallen Leaves Can … [Read more...]

Reasons You Need a Duct Cleaning Before Fall

Once cooling season is over, you have an opportunity to give your HVAC system some much-needed upkeep to ensure that it's ready for the coming heating season. Duct cleaning is one kind of upkeep that can provide some distinct benefits during the fall and throughout the winter when the house is … [Read more...]

What HVAC Brand Should You Buy?

The reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system affects your comfort level and your energy bills. If your heating and cooling equipment is getting on in age and you're wisely looking into your replacement options, you'll want to compare different HVAC brands. Learning about some of the best … [Read more...]

HVAC and Apartment Maintenance

If you live in an apartment you probably know it is sometimes not clear who's responsible for certain tasks, including HVAC maintenance. It's always good to have things pertaining to apartment maintenance spelled out in the lease, but sometimes there are gray areas that may be open for discussion … [Read more...]

Your Checklist for Back-to-School Maintenance

You're all set for back-to-school madness are far as your kids are concerned, but have you given any thought as to how you're going to prepare your home? That's right - just like making sure the little tikes are prepared with notebooks, backpacks, and lunch tickets, it's time to focus on the … [Read more...]

How Can You Prepare Your Home’s HVAC for Your Summer Vacation?

Getting away for summer vacation is a great way to unwind, but sometimes the preparations can be as stressful as the work and obligations we're hoping to leave behind. Here's some helpful information on how to prepare your home for your departure, with special focus on the HVAC system. HVAC … [Read more...]

Leaving for a Spring Vacation? Make Sure Your Home Is Prepared

Are you excited to jump in the car or hop onto a plane and get away from home on a spring vacation? Well, before you leave, it's important to prepare your home for the trip to avoid any problems while you're gone. … [Read more...]