Tips for Summer Sump Pump Maintenance

Damaging basement flooding makes sump pump maintenance an all-year concern. However, summer storms here in Indiana present a particular potential for basement water inundation. Roof runoff from a heavy rain can deposit hundreds of gallons of water on the ground around the perimeter of the house, … [Read more...]

How Should Copper Pipes Affect Your Home Buying Decision?

Before you make an offer on an existing house, make sure to ask about copper pipes. The upfront purchase price of a new home is only one relevant figure. You also need to determine if you'll be absorbing the cost of expensive repairs or upgrades in the near future. Though once common in residential … [Read more...]

Why Summer Drain Cleaning is Essential

Your plumbing system sees an increase in use over the summer months, so it's important to keep everything working properly by maintaining the drain lines. Scheduling professional drain cleaning this time of year is an effective and hassle-free way to keep wastewater flowing and avoid potential … [Read more...]

Proper Garbage Disposal Use

Your garbage disposal is a marvelous invention, designed to allow you to conveniently dispose of certain kitchen wastes. But don't let the word "disposal" fool you. It doesn't mean "dispose-all." In fact, there are many things that should not go into your appliance and if you want to keep it working … [Read more...]

Avoid Drain Problems

There are a number of items and substances that just shouldn't go down the drain. Some of these things can clog your drains, necessitating a call from the plumber. Others just do not belong in municipal water supplies or in our waterways, where they may harm wildlife. It's a good idea to always … [Read more...]

Conserve Water and Save Money: Simple Tips

Whether you're looking for ways to conserve water because you want to help the environment, save money, or both, all you need to do is follow a few simple techniques. We'll get you started by providing you with a few quick tips that you start utilizing today: Stop Taking Long Showers Many of us … [Read more...]

Does Your Home Need a Plumbing Upgrade?

The day-to-day operation of your home's plumbing system is probably something you don't give a lot of thought to until problems begin to crop up. If you're starting to experience plumbing issues, it's good to learn the telltale signs that a plumbing upgrade is needed before serious water damage … [Read more...]

Preventing Freezing Pipe Bursts

If a pipe bursts in your home during the winter months, it will put a big hamper on your entire season. The good news is that we're here to help, and we've done so by compiling a list of our favorite tips to avoid the problem: Drain Excess Water The more water contained in your pipes, the more … [Read more...]

Shopping for a New Toilet? These Tips Can Help You Choose

When the time has come to pick up a new toilet for your home, you'll find that there are a lot of choices out there these days. How do you select the one that is right for you? You can start by checking out our list of tips: Splurge a Little Although the selection and installation of a new toilet … [Read more...]

Plumbing Tips: How to Check the P-Trap for Clogs

When the water in your sink starts to drain slowly, you may want to try a few things before you call for help. Often, the source of the clog will be found in the p-trap, the u-shaped bend in the pipes where foreign objects can get stuck and sludge can accumulate, causing a stopped-up drain. What's … [Read more...]