Check Your Insulation With These Tips 

One of the best ways to boost efficiency in your home is to ensure that you have adequate insulation. Insulation should be of sufficient thickness in strategic sites throughout the home to prevent heat from migrating through the ceiling or walls. Insulation will save money winter and summer on your … [Read more...]

Equip Your Home With Enough Attic Insulation

If your attic doesn't have enough insulation, you'll pay more for heating and cooling and find it hard to keep your home comfortable. In our climate zone, the Department of Energy recommends having a total of R-60 on the attic floor for maximum energy efficiency. How Much Attic Insulation Should … [Read more...]

Tips for Checking Insulation Levels in Your House

Inadequate insulation and air leaks can inflate your household energy bills and erode your comfort. The following tips can help you perform checks on two key areas of your home to determine if you'd benefit from having a professional seal leaks and boost your insulation level. Examine the Attic In … [Read more...]

Insulate the Most Important Places in Your Home

The only way to achieve an energy efficient home is with adequate insulation properly installed in its envelope. The specific areas to insulate include the attic and walls, and in some cases, the floors. What Insulation Does Heat is constantly moving toward cold and it can’t be stopped, but it can … [Read more...]

This is Why Insulation is Important in the Summer

A well-insulated home is essential during our chilly Indianapolis winters, but insulation for cooling is also important during the summer. Here's how it works. What Insulation Does Heat seeks to move from a warm to a cool area through convection, radiation, or conduction, explained as … [Read more...]

How Can Attic Insulation Help Save You Energy?

If your home's attic isn't well insulated, you're likely paying for it in excessive energy bills and decreased home comfort. Attic insulation is relatively easy to install and it also does the most good at saving energy when compared to other types of home insulation. Find out why attic insulation … [Read more...]

Install Insulation in These Areas to Improve Home Comfort

If you only do one fall maintenance project this year, make sure your home is well insulated. You'll save energy, boost comfort, and protect valuable home systems. Use these tips to upgrade home insulation in your Indianapolis area dwelling. Attic Insulation Unfinished attics lacking … [Read more...]

Ventilation And Insulation: Prescription For An Attic That’s Spiking A Temp

If your home seems too hot and your energy bill seems too high, you may be surprised to learn that your attic may be to blame. An overly hot attic that is spiking a temperature is a sickness that can spread throughout your entire house. Taking measures to ensure proper attic ventilation and … [Read more...]

Water Heater Insulation Can Save You Energy Dollars

Heating the water for your home takes a sizable chunk of your energy dollars, but with water heater insulation, you can reduce the amount of fuel it uses, and the amount of money you spend. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that insulating your water heater can reduce standby losses by 25 to … [Read more...]