Children Safety Around Your HVAC

As you go about childproofing your home for your own children or someone else’s, remember to double check your HVAC safety too. These system have some components that could be harmful unless they’re made safer. In-floor Registers If the registers for your ductwork are in the floor or low on the … [Read more...]

HVAC Rules to Leave Your Babysitter

Summer is here and it's time for your annual getaway. A wise homeowner will designate or hire someone to look in or stay in the home during vacation time, to water plants, to ensure that everything is running right and to show any potential burglars that someone is keeping an eye on things. Some … [Read more...]

Keeping Cool on the Fourth of July

Summer is a great time for celebrations and July Fourth is one of the best. You just need to remember that while the sun may feel great on your skin, too much of it can cause issues like heat exhaustion and dehydration. That's why staying cool is absolutely imperative. Here are some quick tips to … [Read more...]

HVAC Costs to Splurge On

Time to live a little and get some high end products for your HVAC system. Or should you be prudent and save money? Well... Both. When it comes to HVAC costs, there are some things you should pay more for and others you shouldn't. Here's a guide to deciding which is which. When to Splurge The most … [Read more...]

Reasons HVAC Inspection is Important

If you depend on your HVAC system for comfort during hot summer days, add an HVAC inspection to your must-do list. Avoiding or procrastinating professional service could sideline your HVAC system when you most need it. You may also want to schedule an inspection if you’re buying or selling a … [Read more...]

Tips for Summer HVAC Prep

Summer HVAC prep helps your system make the jump from heating to cooling without a hitch. The air conditioning side of your HVAC system has been in hibernation since last fall. Bringing the A/C online involves more than just flipping the thermostat setting from “Heat” to “Cool.” Here are some summer … [Read more...]

Making HVAC Elements Work with Your Interior Design

The HVAC elements you find in your home's interior are a good example of the principle of form following function. There is, in most cases, nothing beautiful or decorative about your thermostat, the grilles, vents or registers, or the ductless mini-split's air handler. Maybe you're the type of … [Read more...]

Ways to Ensure You’re Preventing HVAC Coil Corrosion

Effectively preventing coil corrosion can help avoid early replacement of these critical and expensive components. Both the air conditioner indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil circulate air through coil passageways. Chemical pollutants in the air combined with condensation or high … [Read more...]

What You Should Know about Residential Rooftop HVAC Units

While everyone’s familiar with the typical residential “split” central air conditioner, the rooftop HVAC unit is now beginning to be seen in home installations, too. The standard split system includes an indoor evaporator coil along with an outdoor condenser coil next to or behind the house. The … [Read more...]

Should You Get Additional Insurance for Your HVAC Unit?

Most homeowners assume that their HVAC system is covered by their homeowners' insurance policy. That, in most instances, is correct. However, there are a few situations where damage may occur where insurance may not cover the unit. Read on, and learn about when you need to be concerned about HVAC … [Read more...]