Summer Heater Maintenance

Despite summer’s hot temperatures, this is a great time of year to think about your heater. Your heating system needs to be taken care of on a regular basis to ensure that it’s in good working condition. Find out more about why you should have maintenance done on your heating system, even when … [Read more...]

What Should You Consider Before Installing Radiant Floor Heating?

Stepping onto cold floors in the morning isn’t a pleasant way to start your day. Radiant floor heating can provide you with floors that are warm, even on the coldest days. Before deciding on this type of heating, it’s important to know more about it and determine if it’s a good option for your … [Read more...]

Which Heat Source is Best When Switching Heating Systems

When you’re in the process of switching heating systems, your first decision will likely be which fuel source you use. Homeowners in the Indianapolis area have several choices for heat generation that include natural gas, home heating oil and heat pumps. Each has advantages and disadvantages in … [Read more...]

Is Your Heating System Right for Your Home? 

Finding just the right heating system for your home is serious business. No matter which type you choose, it will represent a substantial investment, and you want it to last a long time, with minimal repair. You also want assurance that for the money you're spending, the system will do a good job … [Read more...]

Heating System Problems: House Not Warming Up 

The most important function of a heating system is to keep the house comfortably warm safely and efficiently. If your home never quite reaches the comfort zone, or certain rooms remain stubbornly chilly, some element of your heating system isn’t getting the job done. Gas-fired furnaces utilize a … [Read more...]

Ideas for Heating Old Homes

Your house has been in your family for generations. You love it and the history it carries. The only problem is keeping it warm. It's pretty drafty, and may not even have ductwork to accommodate a modern HVAC system. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help get you through the cold, … [Read more...]

Heating Alternatives to Save Energy This Month

As a homeowner, it might seem a little daunting when it comes to lowering your energy usage once the weather cools down. But, fear not! We have compiled some great heating alternatives to your standard HVAC system that will not only keep you warm and toasty but will save energy and money on your … [Read more...]

How to Fix Cold Spots

Do you need a blanket when you sit down in your favorite chair to watch TV, despite the fact the rest of the house is warm? Maybe your bathroom is too chilly, so that you always have to turn on a space heater to feel comfortable. Those cold spots in your home are not just uncomfortable, they can … [Read more...]

What Different Heating System Odors Mean

If you detect new or unusual odors near your heating equipment, or wafting from the registers when the blower is running, it's an understandable cause for concern. Here are some common heating system odors and their causes, as well as advice on what to do about the smells: Sulfur or Rotten Egg … [Read more...]

These are the HVAC Heating Season Terms to Know

The more you know about your heating system, the better choices you can make for HVAC efficiency, service, repairs and when you're installing a new unit. Though, you don't need to become an expert, but understanding basic heating season terms is a great start! AFUE When you're shopping for a new … [Read more...]