“very pleased”

I am a new customer of Mowery's, and  I want you to know that as long as you keep Heath on your payroll, I will continue to be a customer.  Rarely do you find anyone to take extra steps, and this young man does just that.  He is a real winner, and I was very pleased with him and his work.  Great … [Read more...]

“very professional”

I had Tim out for a problem with our sump pump.  I want you to know he did an excellent job of explaining what we needed, and did a very professional job.  This is the first time I have used Mowery, and was very impressed.  I will definitely be using your company again.  Great … [Read more...]

“thoroughly impressed”

I had Mowery come out recently to look at my furnace.   Chris D. was sent out, and I was thoroughly impressed with him, his service, and his knowledge in his field.  I wanted to thank you for you, your company, and the people who come out and service my equipment.  It's nice to have honest people … [Read more...]

” . . . a true professional”

Chip, I finally decided to get a new furnace and central air unit last October. Both were long overdue in being replaced and I knew it. They were probably 25 years old. I have to say that I do not like spending money on such items, even though they do come in handy. Buying new cars, clothes, … [Read more...]

Thanks again!

Chip ~ We had a leak in our crawl space, and called Mowery to come out to our home.  Mike W. was dispatched and did a great job cleaning up the mess and making the repair.  We have always been very pleased with the services your compnay provides.  A conscientious employee like Mike speaks volumes … [Read more...]

A friend told me to call Mowery

Until last year, I had my furnace and air conditioner serviced by another well known company.  Although there were times when the service was unacceptable, I continued . . . UNTIL, I had an emergency, and a friend told me to call MOWERY instead.  Ron Q. was the technician that came to my home, and … [Read more...]

” . . . and that’s why you are tops”

I have dealt with a lot of people at Mowery, and let me tell you, you are tops.  From the girls that answer the phone to the installation crew that does the job, I appreciate every one of you.  Everyone was curteous,  and Tyler and London did an excellent job.  They were very clean, and explained … [Read more...]

“superb job”

I had Mowery come to my home, and the technician was very professional, clean, customer friendly, and took the time to explain to us what he was doing.  He did a superb job in a very efficient, effective way, and we were very pleased with the job he … [Read more...]

“Thank you for the wonderful service you provide!”

I had to say thank you for the wonderful service you provide!  We had water damage to our house, and we were referred to Mowery from another company that did some work for us.  I live on the East side of Indianapolis, but let me tell you, my phone won't dial anyone else but Mowery for our heating … [Read more...]

Thank you for the good service!

Hi, I'm a new customer and I wanted to thank you for the fine work you have done on my furnace. I purchased all new HVAC equipment about 12 years ago from a company that I had used previously.  They had serviced it without complaint until last year.  The propane furnace would not light … [Read more...]