How Lowering Your Heating Load Can Pay Off Both Now And When You Replace Your Furnace

If you're thinking that you might need to replace your furnace this winter, or even if you're sure your current furnace has several more years of service, it makes sense to find ways to reduce your home's heating load. … [Read more...]

Deciding On A Heat Pump: In Addition To The HSPF And SEER Ratings, Consider These Advanced Features

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new heat pump for your home.  Consumers often look to energy-efficiency ratings to make their decision, including the HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) or SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings. … [Read more...]

Furnace Replacement: Should You Spend More Now And Save Later, Or Spend Less Now And Pay Later?

As another frigid Indiana winter approaches, are you wondering if your furnace is going to be up to the job? If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it may be time to start thinking about furnace replacement, rather than waiting for it to break down when you need it most. … [Read more...]

That’s why I love Mowery!

I had my furnace and water heater serviced recently.  Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your service men are.  Jason and London were both very professional and great representatives of your company.  That's why I love Mowery.  I am very confident that when I call with an issue or for … [Read more...]

With Those Sizable Energy Tax Credits About To Expire, Can You Afford To Put Off Your High-Efficiency Upgrades Much Longer?

It won't fit in a stocking, and you can't even wrap it, but this is one gift you will continue to be thankful for, through the spring of 2012 when you file your U.S. federal income taxes.This gift is courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy in the form of 2011 tax credits to homeowners who make … [Read more...]

Heating, Water Heater, and Gas Logs . . . all done with one company and in one day!

I had my annual gas furnace cleaning and inspection done by Tom.  During the inspection, it was determined that the ignitor was bad, and so that was replaced at the same time.  Tom is probably the best service provider I have had on a furnace.  He was easy to talk to and took time to show me what … [Read more...]


Chip, I certainly have been "around" being I am 65 years old.  The QUALITY of work on this last installation is AAA+.  Ralph and Jesse had to fit around so many things, and always kept a great attitude while doing the job.  Anyone can install, but a true fitter is usually the last trade out … [Read more...]

Excellent job . . .

Chip, I had some of your guys come out and move my air conditioning unit per my request, and just want you to know that they did an excellent job. Kevin C. … [Read more...]

Thank you, Heath!

Chip, I wanted to say thank you for sending Heath out to do some plumbing work at my house.  He did a very nice job, and was a very pleasant and informative young man.  I will be having some work done in the future, and will be requesting that he be the one you send out.  Thanks again! Sue L. … [Read more...]

Thank you so much!

I had Tim come out and check my water heater recently, and just wanted you to know what a sweetheart he is.  I have children his age, and he was so, so sweet, and very professional. Marilyn T. … [Read more...]