Drain Cleaning

Sewer Cameras


  • Works without a towed cable
  • Can be used in very small pipes – from 23 mm diameter using the colour mini-camera
  • First class image reproduction 
  • Controllable swivel head camera
  • Suitable for underwater use at up to 5 bar
  • Quick change camera, due to plug and socket connection
  • Large colour monitor and easy to use operating unit in a robust aluminum case
  • Connection to video-recording equipment or data storage on lap-top

Whether for use in cable-laying or sewers, the Katimex camera inspection system is easy to use and provides precise information quickly on defects in pipe systems.

If the swivel head camera is used with a carriage on rollers, a long section of pipeline can be inspected easily. The camera is kept out of the effluent when being used in sewage pipelines or connections to houses.


The backhoe loader is everything you ever wanted in a machine – a loader with the strength and simplicity of a


Volvo wheel loader, and a backhoe with the power and performance of an excavator. Built and designed for the day-to-day assault of deep trenching, heavy front bucket loading, back hoe lifting and road performance, it’ll make you more productive than ever.

Plumbing License CP88800266