Hearth & Fireplace

We offer the following Monessen products:


Monessen Vented Products

Monessen offers a broad range of vented hearth products. From vented gas logs that provide radiant heat, to our high efficiency AFUE rated Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces, Monessen offers innovative log designs that bring real wood realism to your fireplace and added value to your home.
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Monessen Vent-Free Products

Vent-Free appliances continue to be the sensible choice when looking for a supplemental heating source. Monessen offers a broad range of vent-free hearth products, from vent-free gas logs to vent-free fireboxes, fireplace systems and inserts. With their low operation costs and high heat efficiency, vent-free hearth products are the cost effective choice when adding supplemental heat to your home.
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Monessen Wood Products

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